Michele Carulli belongs to that rare species of “musician-conductors” which nowadays have become so rare. For, although conducting has interested him from the beginning on, it was actually the gradual acquisition of valuable, musical experience which brought him along his way. Nowadays—this not being said for mere polemic’s but for truth’s sake—a great many conducting careers are being built up without the artists having any knowledge of the basics. These skills were considered up until a short time ago to be indispensable for a maestro. Michele Carulli is proud of the fact that he’s had the opportunity of honing his musical skills step by step through experiences deemed necessary in order to reach the aspired goal of orchestral conductor:

The very first steps as clarinetist in his home-town wind ensemble followed up by studies at the conservatory which led to the beginning of an international soloist career, the activities in the field of chamber music, continuing studies in composition and orchestral conducting at the Milan conservatory, the fruitful years of making music in professional orchestras under the direction of great “maestri”, working as an assistant to major conductors up until the beginning of his own conducting career and, finally, arriving in Germany (the Land of Music par excellence) and becoming “erster Kapellmeister” as well as “Generalmusikdirector”—all of these things have formed Michele Carulli’s personality, deepened his knowledge and broadened his musical horizon. Welcome to his official website!